Undergrad Program

Expectations / Competencies

Expectations for all undergraduate trumpet majors are the same, regardless of major. The goal for trumpet performance majors is to be comprehensively prepared for graduate school auditions and in some cases, professional auditions. This involves a number of competencies, including:

  • Excellent tone
  • Accurate sense of time and rhythm
  • Accurate sense of intonation
  • Sight reading
  • Transposition
  • Adequate high and low range
  • Technical facility
  • Sense of style and musicianship
  • Familiarity with repertoire
    • Fundamental
    • Etude
    • Solo
    • Orchestral
  • Ability to perform on C, Bb, Eb and piccolo trumpets

These same competencies are expected of students in other majors such as MUED and MUTY since faculty in both of those areas desire that their students achieve the highest possible level of artistic expression.

Preparation / Assignments

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 3 hours per day practicing and may be given a practice sheet to document the time and effectiveness of their sessions. All students are given a notebook in which they are to keep their lesson assignments and are required to bring it to each lesson.